Home Base Learning Center

Home Base Learning Center is a nature-based, experiential, and holistic education program. In the primary context of nature and with a focus on community and project-based learning, our program is aimed at supporting the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of young people, grades K-5. Home Base is for families seeking a non-traditional, professionally-staffed, and parent-supported consistent learning community for their children, where Positive Youth Development, Social Justice, and Earth Stewardship are the guiding values.

About Us

We seek to nurture the positive development of our children, and of every member within our community.

Guiding Values | Core
Developmental Outcomes

Are we right for your child? Learn more about the principals that guide us and our curriculum. We’re proud of our program, and happy to share.

Our Curriculum

Our program is comprehensive; built on the Scouting curricula and infused with common core and next generation science standards.

“…in leading children to wonder about worms and to search out the homes of squirrels and to find in the outgoing tides diversity in the color of periwinkles, we set children on a path to eventually see that in this myriad of parts there are partnerships that turn the natural world into a marvelous and complex community, a community where the story is as much about cooperation and interdependence as it is about competition and survival of the fittest, a story that provides the key to what has kept our planet livable. And once children start to see the interconnections and interdependency of living beings, then they are ready to dive into explanations of just how this interdependence works to keep our planet livable and just how we can work to restore what nature has been doing long before we humans came on the scene.”

W. George Scarlett