Enrollment has closed for the 2022/2023 year. Please contact us to find out more about 2023/2024!

We aim to bring families, educators, and programs together to support communities in uncertain times.

Over the past several years Home Base Learning Center has learned much and matured as an organization. Many of our students have been with us since the very beginning. Because of our proven track record and resources, we are uniquely positioned to safely expand and provide solutions for many families during this education and public safety crisis.

Home Base Learning Center resources include:

  • Established teachers and education professionals
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor facilities that offer a rich and unique learning environment, while also allowing for physical distancing
  • Professional public health and medical staff, who set protocols and serve the program
  • Pre-planned flexibility and preparation should we require online education
  • Drop-off, educational programming
  • Scholarships available based on need
  • Tremendous flexibility to meet the needs of each student and family

If you are a parent or guardian in Boston, the Greater Boston Area, or on the South Shore, looking for educational options to fulfill your needs during these uncertain times, then you may want to consider Home Base Learning Center.

Prospective Families

If you have reviewed this site and think our programs might be a good solution for you, please contact us at homebase@scouting.org.

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